HPS Horizontal Pumps

As an alternative to split case, reciprocating and vertical turbine style pumps, HPS is pleased to offer the HPS Evolution Series HPump Product Line.

The Horizontal multistage pumping system is a cost-effective alternative to conventional industrial pumps. Designed using ARZ abrasion-resistant materials, such as silicon carbide, for high-wear-resistant bearings. The pumping system effectively handles harsh conditions, as well as surface installations. The system's flow capabilities range from 40 galUS/min to 7,850 gal US/ min with as much as 2,500 hp in a single unit.

Each system is designed specifically to the client's hydraulic needs and demands.

Typical Applications Include, but aren't limited to:

Components of the HPump Provided by HPS:

Other Components Supplied with the HPump:

HPS provides complete assembly of all components and can typically provide delivery in 4 Wks or less. TC Repairs can be accomplished (HPS and All Other Brands) in 2-3 Wks or less. Pump Repairs are facilitated via Pump OEMs. TC Replacement / Swap-out program available. HPS can also provide Retrofitting of alternative OEM brands and also Re-purposing of existing units.