Our coverage territory encompasses 6 states and over 10 locations.

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Field Service

Jourdanton, Texas
C: 903-309-8405

Monahans, Texas
C: 903-371-8491

Longview, Texas
0: 903-234-8936
C: 903-241-1314

OK City/El Reno, OK
C: 970-629-1738

Fairfield, Texas

Control and Automation
C: 903-238-5250

Cuatro Rentals
C: 936-465-8989


Western OK, Southern KS, Panhandles (TX/OK)
C: 970-629-1738

Eastern OK, Western AR
C: 918-344-4570

Eagleford, Gulf Coast, Houston
C: 830-515-2255

West Texas, Permian, NM
C: 701-770-9916

East Texas, Fairfield, North/Central TX, Houston, LA
C: 903-352-4843